Formula 1: Exclusive interview with HRT testdriver Ma Qing Hua

Ma Qing Hua ist der erste Chinese in der Formel 1

Ma Qing Hua drove in the free practice session at Monza and Singapore (Foto: China Sport Management)

Ma Qing Hua ist the first Chinese puttygen download , who drives in Formula One. He tested for the Hispania Racing Team (HRT) at Monza and Singapore. In this exclusive interview he speaks about his first impressions of the Formula One. Here you find the german version of the interview with Ma Qing Hua. Have fun! 🙂

1. What was you first thought when you sat behind the wheel of the HRT F1 car for the first time?
That was a fantastic feeling! I felt very proud of my country and very happy to working with the team. Its something you dream of and something I had waited for all my life, so its a moment I will never forget.

2. How did you start your racing carreer and was driving in formula one your goal from the beginning?
Yes, I started to drive go kart when I was only 8 years old and I was always imagining and dreaming that one day I would drive an F1 car. It has always been my goal and what I have always been fighting for.

3. You drove a lot in formula cars and it seems that you managed driving in a touringcar as well very well with winning the China Touring Car Championship. What is the biggest difference between the open wheel racing and touring car racing?
The main differences between driving formula cars and touring cars in totally technical. But I have to say that touring cars are more easy on the physical side than the formula cars which are much more demanding and you need to be more fit.

4. How and when did your cooperation with HRT F1 start?
From the beginning of this year. When it was finally made official I was so happy. From then until now we work very hard together, and its great that I was able to get in the car in July for theYoung Driver Test at Silverstone, and after that take part in 2 race weekends and drive in FP1 in Monza and Singapore. We have to continue working and training a lot, but I am very motivated and looking forward to what has to come. Its been an incredible start together with HRT F1 Team and China Sport Management.

5. What are your first impressions of the formula one after testing at several Grand Prix, and is it a possibility that you get a full cockpit in the next season?
The F1 car has a lot of downforce and the balance level is so high compared to any other car I have driven. This means you can push much harder than you think. But once u go over the limit then u will have a big trouble, so you have to go to the limit but also be careful…. Find the balance. Regarding the future, we will see what happens. All I know is that we are working and training as hard as possible to get the most out of this chance HRT F1 Team and China Sport Management have given me.

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